Afrodisia, a passion for African nature and culture

A 3-week business trip in the early 1990s enabled us to discover southern Africa. We then ran a company for a number of years which pioneered the import of exotic meat to Europe and successfully brought it on the market for the most important European retailers.

Africa intrigued us from the first moment.

After a few years, in 2002, the private limited company “Afrodisia BVBA” was created to be able to give added value to by-products of exotic game and to make it known in other countries. 
This entity also gave rise to an ambition to bring these “pure nature” high quality by-products on the market.

We work together with reliable partners who make quality products with respect for humans and animals, for which an honest price is moreover paid. 
To ensure full traceability and transparency, our products are always accompanied by the necessary certificates issued through the appropriate export formalities by the local authorities.

Upon arriving in Europe, these products are subjected to further stringent inspections so that they can be sold under the highest guarantee. 
Imported directly from Africa, these products have a strong decorative added value that invokes a “back to nature” feeling.

In addition, we also create an added dimension for professional game management, which strikes a balance in the animal population in a recognised manner and ensure that we can proceed in a more sustainable way.

These unique and exclusive products are “handmade” down to the last one and have a positive impact on the social and economic front for the local population.

Accordingly, we recently entered into a partnership with FSP Collection. This Cape-based company is synonymous with handmade exotic leather goods of unrivalled workmanship, such as handbags, pillows and poufs. Thanks to this cooperation, we have been the exclusive distributor for these products for the Benelux for a number of months now.

Our mission: Provide high quality, sustainable decorative products of African origin with respect for the production chain and the working conditions under which they are made.